Seed Business Concept

Seed was founded on a simple concept... you've been paying too much for premium performance golf equipment.

That's a big claim, but we felt we had the ability to develop products that perform just as well as the big boys, and by utilising a new and modern method of sale & delivery, could deliver those products directly to you saving you both time and money.

USGA and R&A equipment regulations mean the playing field has been levelled for all golf brands.

The large jumps in performance gains you saw 5 or 10 years ago aren’t really there anymore. Product design is now more evolution than revolution, meaning expensive technology is often developed that doesn't improve performance for the regular golfer.

That adds to the retail price, yet the acceptance of e-commerce and the rise of the subscription economy allows a small company like Seed a chance to change the game.

We reckoned that by eliminating layers of cost from the traditional golf business model, we could save you around 40-50% without having to sacrifice anything in regard to performance, quality or durability.

And so far, it seems we've been proven right.

Take our new SD•01 golf ball...  already maned the official ball of the PGA EuroPro Tour and receiving glowing product reviews from testers. Comparative performance on a swing robot and around half the price.

To be honest, that sort of progress, even to us, was a dream back
in 2015 we first proposed Seed. We've progressed so far that we now have three models designed and approved by the USGA and R&A and we're quietly servicing customers in 32 countries around the world.

We’re very quickly building a community of avid golfers who not only love the performance of our balls but really love what we are doing.

Seed started out wanting to build a new golf brand that didn't take itself too seriously, was fun to play and saved you money. And that concept underpins everything we do. 

We started with a golf ball as it is essentially a consumable item - sometimes played for only a few holes. We all use them and we all lose them. But that doesn't mean we should have to sacrifice performance to save money.

How can offer Seed golf balls for almost half the price of comparable “big” brand golf balls, along with similar performance?

  • We only design balls that focus on the key performance benefits for each category, limiting the need for 10 or 20 different models and expensive R&D costs.
  • We don’t spend millions on sponsorship for PGA Tour players - they play a different game to you and I and are not really indicative of true 'regular golfer' performance. We're much more interested in how our balls perform for you.
  • We bypass the normal distribution channels, and cut out the traditional middlemen. We ship direct to you, at the lowest possible price.
  •  Our subscription program means you always get our best price, delivered to your door, as and when you need them. No more shopping around for a bulk deal or waiting for a sale.

With every step, we cut costs out of the traditional business model and pass those saving onto to you.
Our aim is simple... we want to save you money and change the way you buy your golf equipment.