We're going to level with you... making modern, tour grade golf balls is not a particularly environmentally friendly activity.

There's a lot of chemicals used in production, as well as waste.

At Seed, our aim is to minimise our environmental impact wherever we can to be a more sustainable golf brand.



Where we can't use sustainable materials, we aim to recycle as much waste material as possible, and ensure our products are made in a safe and healthy environment.

Where we can, we aim to use as many sustainable materials as possible. Our golf bags and our outerwear, as examples, are made from yarns that have been produced by recycling single use, waste plastic bottles. It takes 27 single use bottles to make the yarn for one Seed golf bag...



All Seed products are packaged using recycled materials. The board used for our golf ball boxes, as an example, is 100% recycled.

We reduce excessive packaging materials, and reduce the use of single use plastic where we can.



Where possible, we aim to reduce our carbon emissions in our logistics operation. In the UK and Ireland, this means the majority of our orders are shipped in electric vehicles. In the US, this service is not yet as prevalent, but we choose electric where we can.



We've partnered with suppliers who share our ethos and sustainability goals.

Our logistics partner and eCommerce provider utilises Pachama to offset carbon emissions generated in the logistics process.

Pachama is a technology company with a mission to restore nature to solve climate change. Pachama uses the latest satellite data and AI technology to help validate and monitor quality forest carbon projects. By integrating with our fulfilment company, Pachama helps Seed offset our shipping emissions and fund high-impact forest conservation and restoration projects worldwide.



Seed strongly believes it's up to everyone to do their bit, but it's our (Seeds) responsibility to reduce our environmental impact as we go about our business.

We don't, however, expect you to pay for it.

There's no 'carbon tax' or 'green tax' added to the price of any Seed products.

It's something we personally believe in, and we've built into the cost of running our business... if it's not for you, hey, that's OK, you'll still find a great deal at Seed.

Either way, we've got you covered.