SD-15 Country Mile - GreenAF
SD-15 Country Mile - GreenAF
SD-15 Country Mile - GreenAF
SD-15 Country Mile - GreenAF

SD-15 Country Mile - GreenAF

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A great ball for golfers who want distance, durability and feel (and colour).

The long lama is Now GreenAF.

The new Neon Green SD-15 coating provides an anti-glare effect with better visibility in the sky and on the ground, particularly on those grey winter days. It really is greenAF.

Still with the same low compression core and Surlyn cover.

So why not add some colour to your game. Also available in White & Neon Red.

Buy in bulk & save up to £5 a dozen. You can also Mix & Match between the Whites, Green, Reds and Jacks to avail of this bulk pricing. Buy with friends or stock up yourself.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Antoni Cascarino
Not delivered

Can't offer an opinion as they never arrived.
Evri lost them apparently
Still waiting for refund over 2 weeks later.

nigel lord

Delivery was very fast ( 48hrs) I was really not expecting much from such a low priced ball , how wrong can you be , feel great off the driver , very responsive to short iron shots and they seem a lot easier to putt with , I have played 36 holes with the same ball , I am a 25 handicap or at least I was , I am now down to 20 in 2 weeks , as you can imagine I obviously hit the ball more than most but even so after 36 holes the ball was (is) like new , there is not one blemish on it , exceptionally good value 10/10

Tim Coles
My new seed balls

Im loving the new SD-15 greenAF balls I purchased.
And thanks to Golf Mates I also go them a bit cheaper. Win Win.

geoff amos
Country mile

I usually get around 26 points when playing stableford playing off a28 handicap this time I used the seed country mile sd15 green balls what a difference I scored 32 points lost 1 ball which one of the guys picked up an he played with it gave the ball back to me in the bar and asking me where did I get it from and it was the best game he ever scored on I think we will both be buying more of these


Great product and service!