SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF
SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF
SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF
SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF
SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF

SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF

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The new SD-01. As good as anything out there, at a price everyone can afford™.

The new, 3rd Generation SD-01 is a refinement of the original SD-01 design and see's improvements through the bag.

USGA & R&A test results show this to be the longest Seed we've ever produced, maxing out at 306 yards.

Enhanced overall performance by improving ball speed, increase in distance through the bag and an improved softer feel for more responsiveness off the club (particularly the shorter clubs and putter).

To do all that we developed one of thinnest urethane covers in golf, at just 0.0275" thick (ProV1 is 0.0300" by comparison) and a new, faster core that we've dubbed SeedSpeed.

What does all that mean?

Well, this ones the perfect combination of distance, feel and short game spin.

Here are some of the features of the SD-01 3rd Gen:

  • 3 piece Tour construction (like a Pro-V1)
  • Larger 'SeedSpeed' Core
  • Ultra Thin 0.0275" Urethane cover
  • Thinner, more responsive mantle layer
  • New urethane cover formulation for softer feel

Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Sean Williams
Really good

Used this alongside my current Bridgestone and actually preferred the Seed, it’s a really good ball.
Was about to put in a new order and stock up but looks like no more stock of the yellow balls till Feb!! Will park this till I can get a regular order

Kevin Sharp
SD-01 The Pro One YellowAF.

From what I can see, the ball travels as far as a ProV1, control around the greens is the same. I will be purchasing more when I have used the 2 dozen I have bought.

Tim Moore
Exseedingly good all round

Love the SD-01 in yellow! Great ball which does all I want and it stands out on the green for me. Would love to have some other yellow seed options too! Value is outstanding

Colin Wilson
Seed convert

Balls stand up well & feel great off the putter.
Very well priced


Best golf ball I have used.